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All that is beautiful here

I finish my salad by the scum green glass pond, a manmade center for ambiance and sunbathing turtles. There are people around but their voices are distant and the spurting of water fills my ears. We wandered thrift shops and got bubble teas before I came here. Now I am alone, surrounded by trees and universities.

It’s coming to an end, isn’t it?

I know I will miss it. I’ll miss the city skyline and the tattooed hipsters and the shops at every corner. I’ll miss the mica and the dandelions in the dirt, the old houses colored like fairytales. I’ll miss the long haired, barefoot boys playing ukuleles on their porches, those bohemian kings crowned with their scruffy bandanas.

I’ll miss dying my hair red or black and changing my style once in a while when a new crisis descends. I’ll miss weepy trees and castle like churches and every tiny piece of heaven planted here.

I’ll miss Carmen and her musical laugh and her curly hair and the rips in her jeans. I’ll miss all these beautiful weird people with creative bones and harmonious souls. I’ll miss running in the rain and proving I have a brain all while trying not to go insane.

I’ll miss spring days like this when the city is more tree than stone and this old soul feels at home. I’ll miss the tears in the dark expanse between winter and spring and all the stupid chaos that drives me to create.

I’ll miss the church where I discovered his wings and learned all the essential things.  I’ll miss all the beautiful beings that taught me how to love and be loved.

I’ll miss falling asleep under glow in the dark stars to the sound of her dragon worthy snores.

I’ll miss my city and I’ll miss my home. But I know in my soul

this wandering heart is never alone.

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May 13 Sketch dump


This school year has gone by so fast. I can’t believe it. Everything has changed yet somehow it’s the same.

I’ve performed poetry in three different shows, filled three sketchbooks, dreamed and loved and tried and now I’m here. Life is so weird. I’m so excited to see where it takes me.

Have a beautiful day ❤

rewrite me


Bones written like music

So they know how to master it

If only I was carved the same way

A rushing sashay

Wind and willow  

I dream of it sometimes

This art like flight

Your command of air

But it’s too loud


So tell me how you feel

If only it were that simple

It only comes from me when I ache this way

These words,

These sayings.

I spent moonrises mastering the quiet arts

Because they are internal

And I’d rather keep a journal

Then keep running in the rain

Or proving I have a brain

I am 18 and still wishing for some other bones

Or a human to call home

I spent all my money on salads

Just to find forests in my stomach

And succulents in my ribcage

My heart withers and wanes

Drooping in my chest like a sun starved flower


I am

A sun starved flower


Tell the truth and unwind

This labyrinthine mind

Fear is a corroding fungus

Spawned in the flesh

And spilling to spirit


So pray then

Or plead,

Whatever you need

Color me like heaven

Take my soul

Not halved,

In whole

Siphon the wicked straight from my bones

Take this being

Start in her a new thing

Take me,

My great king,

Rewrite me

Teach me how to be