Type of Nostalgia

And there is a type of nostalgia
A type of longing that is so physical
So clenching
You can feel it within your spine
You can feel it within every tendon
Every ligament
There is a type of feeling
A desire, a hope, a sickness
A sudden burst of a time lost
a realm in which you once lived
a world left behind
it stings and aches
but still, soft to the touch
you are internally crying
come back
come back
you are paralyzed
with your own nostalgia
your own stupid childhood
that suddenly is not so stupid
moments you once felt so sad
are remembered as beautiful
moments where you died
you remembered as being alive
all because it is gone
they say the grass is always greener on the other side
I say life is always sweeter when it passes
and people are always better in our minds
but that is a single fault of the human mind
a curse, or a blessing?
To long and to love
to remember and to forget
these days are shaped by one
Jesus Christ
the love of my life
He is the one thing
I will never have to miss


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