ColorBurst dump

When I was 12-15 years old I worked very diligently on a story  called ColorBurst. It was my baby, my pride and joy. I produced so much art and writing in the world of Plaq’un. It remains the longest thing I have ever written. When I was 14 I kind of threw away the story, and then at 15 I decided to rewrite it. I never fully rewrote the whole thing, nor did I really go anywhere with it. I had grown out of my characters, and I haven’t been able to write about them ever since.


I thought I’d share some art I did a little while back of some of the characters. I still draw them sometimes. The winged boy picture above is Sheeni, featured in the original draft of ColorBurst, many short stories, the new draft of ColorBurst, and an independent novel called The World Above the Ground. He is modeled a lot after me. He is soft, he is kind, he is timid but there is fire inside of him.

(Possible) Cover illustration 1

Pictured above is Marissa, Sheeni’s mother. She didn’t really appear in the first draft but she’s in The World Above the Ground (very heavily actually) and some other short pieces I have written, as well as the new draft of the book.

photo 1

This is a very sloppy mock up cover I attempted to create. Talia is the girl pictured in the center, the main character. She is a sweet girl, but she is also very organized and a no nonsense kind of person. She can be sarcastic at times but she truly is strong wiled and stubborn. She has pieces of me but also pieces of someone that is not me. I certainly am not a neat freak as she is in the books. She appears in the original and rewritten manuscripts, as well as some independent short stories. It’s funny, her character actually came to me when I was making characters on this dress up website. I dressed up two characters and made stories about them in my head, and then somehow, slowly, it blossomed into this whole world.

Here’s the picture that started it all:

Talia & Cindy (CHapter one)

I have so so much more art from this book, but it’s all much too embarrassing and awful to post. Maybe later I’ll dig up my old sketchbooks and scan some in.


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