From my sketchbook

grey faunHere’s an art dump of my latest doodles. Above is just a grey haired faun I sketched in pen. It’s all very sloppy but I’m liking that sort of carefree style.


This is Vienna from Fauns. I draw her a lot. She’s one of my favorite characters.

boy sketch

Arg I suck at male anatomy, but this was fun to draw. I want to give him some kind of ridiculous name like Norbert or Elbert. Something with a Bert. (No offense if you’re a Norbert it’s a fantastic name)

Thranduil 2

thranduil 1

Thranduil from Lord of the Rings. I think he’s so fun to paint, I have this obsession with thick eyebrows and his are so perfect and dark. I’ve also drawn quite a lot of hobbits, but they’re pretty rough and sketchy.

vienna back view

Vienna backview. I’m experimenting with faun anatomy. Still figuring out how I want it to look.

elf girl Just a pen doodle.


  grey lady

Weird grey lady. I like drawing people like this, in a not necessarily attractive way. I think there is more beauty in things that are not meant to be beautiful, in things that don’t try. They just exist, and that makes them lovely to me.


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