So I was lounging around the other day, feeling kind of numb and uninspired when I stumbled across this wonderful webcomic by Noelle Stevenson. I had seen her art before on the cover of Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, and around the interent and I found myself quite fascinated with it. I saw the post about the Nimona graphic novel reblogged on tumblr and decided to take a peek at the website. I was not disappointed.

Nimona is the story of a very aggressive yet lovable shapeshifter named Nimona who joins forces with the (not so) evil villain Ballister Blackheart. It’s so quirky and exciting and action packed and it will have you on the edge of your seat! I don’t read many comics/graphic novels or anything like that, but this was different. It sort of inspired me to keep working on my own stuff, and it prodded me to create my own unique story. It’s hard to move me, or to find the right strings to pull inside of me when telling a story, but this did it. I definitely felt. It gave me this weird childlike delight that kept me up scribbling in my sketchbook that night.

The community that goes with it is just as amusing as the actual story. Take a look at the comments on any given page and see for yourself.

I fell in love with the art, the characters, the humor, the storyline, and the fact that it had me staring at my computer until midnight last night. If you want a fun, different, unexpected binge read, I recommend it.



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