Art crush(es)

I’ve been looking at a lot of art and fiction and things online. (lot’s of webcomics and stuff) It inspires me and makes me want to make something come to life with my fingers and my mind, but at the same time it can be discouraging. I see all of these beautiful artists, all of these styles and worlds that are so advanced from what I could ever hope to create. But still I try. I draw, I write, I dream, I live. I try.

Ever since I read Nimona I’ve felt very inspired by Noelle Stevenson’s art style.

It’s just so lovely, simple yet complex, so childish yet so grown up, cartoonish but not, and I love it. I want to have an art style that makes people think, makes people wonder. I don’t want to  her style though. I want my own, and I’m fighting to develop that. There are a lot of artists that I really admire, because there’s something just so intensely unreal about their art yet it’s rooted in reality.

I really like

her art is just so colorful, so intense, so vivid and deep and emotional and I just feel it, you know? It’s just so ethereal to me. I love the way she draws mermaids, she makes them actually look like fish and gives this very eerie, odd sense to them.

So yes these are my current art crushes, and they have inspired me to add a bit of life to my own work. I really love cartoony stuff… I’m really into interesting colors and I also kind of like minimalist stuff. I have a lot of ideas to experiment with.


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