I kick off tan flats and climb onto the trampoline. It is nearly night, and the sky is a grayish blue and the trees are nothing but fluffy black leaves against the dimming sky. I lay back on the mesh of the trampoline and relax my back. I let myself fall into the cool spring night, at perfect harmony with the quiet world. Contemporary music plays softly in the house, and I can hear it from where I am. Inside the party is going on. Inside they are eating and drinking and socializing. I had to escape.
The soft encasement of the trampoline is getting darker and darker as the night grows older. It’s only eleven past eight.
It feels so comforting to be alone with the trees and the dark air. They are my kin, much more friendly to me then my fellow human beings. I have never quite felt human, or even female for that matter. My veins have always surged with something so different, something not people like that leaves me so hungry in the draining social based society. People people talk gossip relationships this and that. I’m not into any of it. I have yet to find a kindred spirit. I have yet to find a place where I belong. That’s okay. I’ll just lay on this trampoline, framed by shadows and wind. I’ll just lay here until my heart fades out and my eyes flicker shut. Until then, I’ll dream.


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