If you think everything you create is brilliant- you are not an artist. This may sound blunt, but this is my opinion. If you really think that everything you do is magical and that you are some divine creature spitting out beauty then you are not improving. You are not being honest with yourself. If you see the flaws in everything you create, you are an artist. You are being honest with yourself. You are growing constantly, so quickly that you can’t even see it. You are learning because you don’t want to be stuck in the place you are now.

If you are prideful about your work, you will most likely be put to shame. There’s a difference between healthy pride and confidence and downright arrogance. There will always be someone better than you, there will always be someone worse. So stop acting like because you are at a level that you find satisfactory, that somehow your art is better than everyone else’s, because it’s not. It’s fine, it’s good, but it’s probably not the best thing you will ever make. With age comes wisdom and skill.

I think this is mostly directed at young writers and even not so young writers that think just because they can sort of write, they are gods and goddesses. No, you’re a human being with a talent that you’re wasting by pretending to be all high and mighty. Work with it! You may be the best writer you know, but that may mean you don’t know any other writers. This goes for all art forms.

Don’t do something just to have a title or to be the best. Do something because you love it, because it drives you, it is something you were born to do. Don’t make crappy art that takes less than an hour and then try to make a million dollars off of it. The world just doesn’t work that way. It’s okay to be a beginner, it’s okay to be intermediate, it’s okay wherever you are. What’s not okay is stopping just because you think you’re the next J.K. Rowling, and just sitting around not writing until you’ve forgotten how to hold a pencil.

This isn’t supposed to be mean or depressing. It’s a wakeup call. Writers write, artists draw, musicians play. Quality material isn’t made by bragging to your friends about how talented you are.  If you want to create something, do it, even if it sucks. Especially if it sucks. Everything you make builds you up and prepares you for the next project. Every piece helps you understand a little bit more about the world and yourself. You may have years and years to go, you may have only years to go. Who knows until you try? You won’t write a bestseller by sitting on your butt and eating chocolate while watching cartoons. Obviously, you won’t. So work on your craft. Open your mind and create.


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