Screenwriting – Voracity!

So I think a little while ago I posted a terrible insert from the novel I attempted to start called Voracity. (It was actually a pretty popular post, which surprised me) Well, I’ve been working on it a bit more and I’ve decided to adapt it into a full length film for my screenwriting class. That means for the next few months I’ll be hammering out pages and pages of this screenplay, and I’m actually okay with that. When I started the class I’ll admit I really didn’t like it. Not the class itself, I love that part. It was the actual task of screenwriting that I didn’t enjoy. I hated having to follow the three act structure and make everything so concise while I just wanted to write something and see where it went (this is something I need to improve on) I think now that I have an idea that I’m excited about I’ll learn to like it more. I actually sat down for an hour or two and just wrote on Celtx- wow. I enjoyed myself too, I lost track of the time and realized I had other work I had to finish up.  I’ll be changing the story idea for the film and playing around with things a lot, but then I never had much of a story anyways. It will still feature Mabel, the crazy chubby almost princess who gets shipped away to boarding school because she can’t control her emotions/magical urges.  So that’s exciting. I’m really in love with Mabel’s character. She had parts of me, but she’s also very very different from me. A lot of times writers  make their main character very similar to themselves. This is fine and all, but I like to pull things from the people around me as well. I love playing around with character.

Anyways, I may be posting tidbits of the screenplay up here if I decide it’s worthy to be shared with the internet. Hmm. What I mean is, if I decide it’s not to embarrassing to share with the internet.


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