I am always in love – Part 1

Quote from The Sun also Rises: “Always. I am always in love.”

(would be part of book 2 of ColorBurst)

“Have you ever been in love?” Talia asked him.

“Always. I am always in love.”

He blinked, staring off at a very fascinating nothing in the distance. She followed his gaze, trying to teleport herself into his thoughts.

“Really? I can’t imagine what that’s like…how long have you loved her?”

“Excuse me?” Sheeni stared at her strangely, suddenly out of his daze. He was genuinely confused. Oh. Maybe it wasn’t a girl? Her heart sunk.

“You said you’re always in love…I just wondered how long you were in love with this person.”

The wind pushed against all their clothes and all their hair, sending his blond curls dancing across his forehead, obscuring his eyes. They sat outside the castle, recently reclaimed. The evil dictatorship of Frocal had ended all thanks to Talia, though that is another story for another day. The grass grew green again, and people were rebuilding their homes on the open prairie. It was a peaceful, sunny afternoon on the lawn.

During the whole ordeal, Cindy and Talia had been captivated by Sheeni, more than Talia was willing to admit. He seemed unaware of their enchantment as his mind was always light years away from his current location.


Sometimes he zoned out while they were talking. A little more often than sometimes, actually. This behavior was often treated with annoyance by Dax and Nadiv, sometimes even Kate. The others boys liked him well enough, but she knew there was distance between them. He was certainly not a surface person, which Dax and Nadiv were. It had taken her so, so long to get him to be even this open with her. He was dreadfully shy when they rescued him from one of the clone factories, blushing whenever someone even looked at him.

Talia cared enough to be patient with him. She watched him, hair fluttering, wings lazily sprawled out in the grass behind him. He blinked.

“I am in love with everything and everyone yet nothing at all.”

He breathed out.


For a moment she felt relief, though she couldn’t quite explain why. He looked at her quizzically. “What about you? Have you ever been in love?”  He rubbed a blade of grass between his fingertips.

“I’m not sure. Maybe…What does it feel like? You obviously know the feeling much better than I do.”

He laughed his whimsical laugh, falling down into the grass. His blond eyelashes kissed his cheeks as he closed his eyes. She relaxed next to him, and they stared at the sky. Her heart rate increased. He seemed to be formulating thoughts.

“It’s like…it’s like eating chocolate endlessly and never getting sick or tired of it. It’s like eating or drinking sugar straight, so sweet you don’t know what to do with it, so unexpectedly addicting you can’t stop it.”

They heard the distant murmur of voices in the nearby village, and the faint chirping of birds.

“Why do you have to be so poetic?” She grumbled.

“It’s just how I am.”

“I don’t understand you.”

“Neither do I.”

She could tell he was being completely honest. There was a dreamy look in his blue eyes, eyes like diluted watercolor paints. He was probably in one of his fantasies right then, one that was nearly impossible to pull him out from. What was he thinking about? What kind of universe  dwelled inside that birdlike body?

Words gathered up in her throat, none of which she had the courage to let out. Still, she wanted him to tell her everyone and everything he had ever loved, hoping she would find herself somewhere on that list. The tips of his wings almost touched her legs in the grass, they were so close. His feathers were like silk.

She could feel her pulse in her face.

They laid there, no words, no movements. They just were.

Of course Cindy had to ruin it, as she always did. Talia was always immediately alerted to her presence because of-


-her loud voice. Also, the pin straight magenta hair was hard to miss.

They startled slightly, and Cindy stepped around them so she was bending down to talk to them. “What are you doing?”

Dawnette came out behind her, arms crossed over her chest with her usual pout.

“Did we interrupt something?”

Talia struggled to say something, but Sheeni smiled angelically and did it for her. “Not really. We were just talking about chocolate.”

Cindy giggled, eyes locking on Talia. The look. That look. She gave her the look that suggested something she did not want to admit to herself, so Talia looked away.

“What’s everyone else doing?” She asked.

“Dax and Nadiv are being stupid somewhere, as usual.” Dawnette huffed. “I swear, I will never understand men.”

She always said this, and pretended she didn’t care, but deep down Talia knew she did.

Cindy hovered over them, and she couldn’t help but feel annoyed. She loved Cindy, she really did. They had been through a lot together during the rebellion. They had been through a lot together both on earth and Plaq’un. They were kind of at this weird sister stage of friendship. When they had first met, it had been a toxic sister relationship. They hated each other, fought every second, disagreed over the stupidest things. Cindy had gone out of her way to show Talia she wasn’t happy that she was staying in her house, though of course it wasn’t her fault. She was a foster child.

They did get over all of this, forming a unique bond. It was hard not to, after being thrown into another dimension together that was apparently in the middle of a civil war.

Now their relationship was truly a sisterly relationship, just more intimate, and softer. They still got on each others nerves all the time, though they were slower to catch on fire about it.

In that moment, Talia wanted her to go away. She wanted to pull all the secrets from Sheeni’s head, alone. Cindy felt like an annoying cloud blocking the sun,and she kind of was in the position she was standing in.

Sheeni appeared to be asleep, and a small caterpillar had strayed from the grass, inching onto the side of his face. Cindy giggled, putting her face very close to the caterpillar and also him. Dawnette didn’t appear too impressed, but then again she never was.

Talia stared at Cindy staring at the caterpillar, holding back her own giggles. It looked so funny, like he had this fat, funny green and yellow mustache over his lip. The caterpillar stayed there for a few seconds,and then crawled over his lower lip, torso pulsing in the way only caterpillars could pulse.

Cindy snorted, and as the bug tried to crawl into his mouth he spit. His eyes popped open, his chest flew up. He sputtered, staring around at the girls,who were rolling around in the grass laughing. He grinned sheepishly, rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand.

Cindy picked up the poor, fallen caterpillar from the grass and let it crawl across her pale index finger. She was so white, she she looked even whiter in the direct sunlight. That was another difference between the two of them. Talia was extremely mixed. She wasn’t certain about what her ethnicity was, but she knew she was Black, Hispanic, Indian, and possibly something else. Living as an orphan, she never knew much about her origins, but people were always asking her “what she was”.

“A person,” She would reply, annoyed.

Cindy kept playing with the little bug.

“That’s gross,” Dawnette said, monotone.

“Nuh uh. He’s beautiful. He’s going to be a butterfly someday. “ Cindy was not about to buy into her negativity.

“He’s a prince. I’m going to make him some little clothes.”

She spent the next ten minutes frustrating herself trying to get a caterpillar to wear a leaf dress.”

“Diva,” she told it, pouting.

“Who knew Caterpillars made bad models,” Dawnette said.

Suddenly Sheeni got up, dusting off his pants. Talia caught Cindy staring at his butt, so she frowned.

“I’ll see you guys later. I told Kate I’d help her with rebuilding parts of the village.”

They watched him fly off towards the village, wings pumping with strength.

“He’s great,” Cindy sighed dreamily.

Talia just looked at the ground.


2 thoughts on “I am always in love – Part 1

    1. This was actually a piece for school, so it’s surprising that it has so much emotion because I feel like my school stuff tends to be drier. And yes, Sheeni is lovely he is heavily based on me though in male form ah ha. He’s kind of a main character in colorburst which you can read a lot of on my blog.

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