I don’t want to be the best writer
Nor the most eloquent
I don’t need fame or fortune
I want my words to dance in your heart
And pull you apart
And put you back together again
I want to see beautiful things
to make you see beautiful things
I want to take you to another world
Where you are alive
where we are more than alive
And your heart feels things it’s never felt
like the most reassuring epiphany
In the darkest of days
You are pulled and compelled and awakened
Not because I am the best
Or the most eloquent
But because my words contain sheddings
They encase flecks of my heart
Like pencil shavings.

Each word is bled and never replaced
I want to write you a friend
Something you can love
When no one else loves you
Something you can hold
When no one else holds you
I want to write because I want to heal
I don’t want other to have to feel what I have to feel
I want to bring you peace
Even if I can’t find my own


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