A Coping mechanism

I always hide pieces of my soul in my work, but I do it very inconspicuously. I know writers who put large portions of themselves into one character- I couldn’t do this. I need to spread it out. Each character may have a sprinkling of me, a sprinkling of quirks. Unless you know me very well you’ll probably never know which are made up and which are true. I like to use symbolism, also in a very subtle that probably doesn’t come off as symbolism to most. Oftentimes I’ll write something, I’ll pour my heart into it, thinking it’s so far away from the life I’m living right now. Later I’ll look back on it and see that it was really just a giant metaphor for a certain major struggle. I think it’s kind of a beautiful if not frustrating coping mechanism- at least I’m not “finding myself” in drugs


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