(hypothetical )

here i sit at the computer screen

the one with the bulky monitor

because my family destroys everything they touch

i watch beautiful songs

written by angelic souls

wondering if i could ever write like that

strength is something learned

the softness of your neck shows the world

but you won’t let that define you

no matter how many times you have to die

you will wake again

you dream of being artistic

creating realms with fingers and pens

stirring something inside of them




i want to move souls like mountains

play with emotions like dumbbells

lifting them to the sky

rearranging the clouds of your mind

i shove the rainclouds out

pulling the sun back in

planting flowers inside of you

in the midst of your skeleton

popping up in the dustiest parts of bone

winding around you

making you feel beautiful

you say that’s impossible

i say is that a challenge?

i may be soft

but the moment you tell me can’t

is the moment i yell can

i’m telling you i will

i will make you feel beautiful

i will rearrange your dark skies

i will make you fly

you smile at me and shake your head

maybe because you are in love

with the idea of me

anything i can do

to make you happy

make you see what you mean to me

though i know you’d never believe it

because i am ridiculously young

and you are ridiculously in love

and then again i say that every time

someone looks at me

so you’ll never take it seriously

sorry i can’t show you how much i mean it

aren’t these words enough?


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