Night feeling

In this moment the world is quiet
Except for the buzz of the night
And the hum of my fan
But tonight I lay in bed
Half naked
Wet hair clinging to my neck
Gazing up at the stars
They are green and plastic
But they are still beautiful
My stomach aches
I’m not sure if it’s from everything I ate
Or the guilt of the things I have done
Either way I physically feel strange
I emotionally feel strange
My whole soul has been silenced
And now my blood has taken control
It’s nice sometimes
Not to feel
To lay in the dark
Fan blades rocking and whirling
Wind tickling bare stomach
Feet rustling in sheets
Fingers tapping out words
The world is asleep
You are not
But for now that is okay
For now you will drink in this night
For now you will swoon in this quiet
This is the most beautiful
Most intimate form of alone
The most dreamy sort of loneliness
A feeling they crave
But cannot recreate


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