heart surfacing

wherever my heart goes

it always wants to hide

right in plain sight.

good thing it is encased

beneath a fragile rib cage

spirals of bone are my sentries

blocking the entrance to my core

yet still somehow it is vulnerable

exposed and alone.

it is buried inside of me

but you are able to dig it out

with one knowing look

with a mere brush of fingertips.

i am like a corpse

pulled from her grave

electrocuted with life

breathless yet somehow


bones unwind to free my flesh

heart surfaces

like a curious fish

because you fascinate me

to the point of insanity.

what new excuse will i make up

just to get close to you?

how close will i sit

just so our feet touch?

you make me forget about silly little things

because you are

the silliest little thing

my heart has ever,

ever let me know.


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