le art

Hello world. I’ve been reading The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux and that has inspired me to draw some ballerinas. I’ve also drawn some other girly stuff, as you can see. I gave up with my scanner and used my phone camera, so sorry for that. Sorry for apologizing so much. I always do that, apologize a lot, people tell me to stop and then I say sorry again. Gosh. I’m such a mess. Sometimes people give explanations for the drawings they post. My explanation: I like drawing people. Pretty, interesting people who aren’t quite human. That’s all I have to say. ballerina


more hair

hair sketch

purple flame

m a


2 thoughts on “le art

  1. Woah, it’s funny that you say my work reminds you of that song because that song reminds me of the stuff I listen to when I draw. It’s kind of dark but beautiful and sad all at the same time. Thank you so much I try!


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