Written two nights ago. On the roof.

I stand on the roof and stare at the moon
Wind in my hair
Sweeping through skirts
Past ankles
I close my eyes in raw ecstasy
The sky is singing me a love song
The ocean crashing me a beat.
Dim light
Grayish blue
All the streets below us are silent and alone
Wind hugs me close
Like a child in the womb
Toes step on wood
Anklet swaying
In the glow of the moon.
I extend a graceful leg
I walk across the sky
This place is my home
Not this beach house
But this air.
The heavens beckon me
As I dance on the roof
I am celestial.
Tonight the confusion leaves
The mask melts away
Dissolving into cool, naked night.
Hands extend
Body rises
I am alone
And I am just fine.


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