Something I’ve observed over time-
Often the most beautiful, brilliant people are the most mentally ill.
Perhaps that’s where the passion comes from. What if all beauty comes at a price? To be creative, you must sacrifice your well being. What a depressing notion.


2 thoughts on “ill

  1. There is this book called la tristesse durera toujours – which means the sadness lasts forever – and it contains all the letters van Gogh wrote to his brother. Was he insane or is the rest of the world? I was thinking a lot about what you wrote today. Making sacrifices. Jim Henson is one of my all time heroes but his family suffered greatly under his art. Something had to give.

    Depressing on one hand on the other hand a warned person counts for two.

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  2. Sorry for taking a bit to respond I just saw this. Oh wow, I really love Vincent Van Gogh and Jim Henson. It makes me wonder why such genius comes with such strong emotion and conflict… I suppose it is a blessing and a curse.


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