yes, we all wear masks

some to hide the depth inside

others to pretend to be likeable

when underneath that sweet façade

you are a cold blooded lizard

a deformed monstrosity

not monstrous because of deformity

but because of your lies.

enticing your victims like an angel,

pulling them into deception

just to crunch anyone who gets too close

under jagged jaws…

snapping spines in half…

all because you are afraid …

afraid of the truth.

tell me, how does an alligator pretend to be a butterfly?

how could you of all people pull that off?

the extent of your lie sickens me

the discovery of your cruelty

makes me want to bind your jaw to a chair

a chair bolted to the floor

a floor teeming with splinters.

tell me, monstrous lizard, what do you gain from this falsehood?

why pretend to fly when you obviously only waddle and snort?

there is no softness or beauty inside of you.

the sugary tone you once held

will no longer convince me to like you

i will not pretend as you do.

i will not flit down on your shoulder blade

just to snap open your skull

i will not pretend anymore

so why should you?


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