like the scum that you are

i will take a sponge and scrub you until you rub off

suffocate you with soap

wipe you from the surface of my heart

but the scum does not leave

the sponge only smudges you

the soap only dilutes you

and then spreads you around.

foamy green substance,

i’ll have to wash you out again.

this algae is growing at a faster rate than I can wipe it away

it’s building up

layer upon layer of drifting, mossy filth

feels like mold

smells like mother nature.

natural but so dirty.

i can feel the green

i can feel the earth in me

the earth in you.

is it imagined?

or is this science?

the algae will grow on the clean surface

the parasite will attach to the innocent host

that is how I feel with you.

i am the clean surface

and you are the wayward scum

how inevitable that two things so different

would naturally grow together.


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