excerpt from Lunan

I’m writing a novel titled Lunan. I’m very exciting to be writing a novel with an ending that I already have planned out… I’ve been writing parts of the middle, parts of the end, not enough of the beginning. I tend to write in order but I’ve been so inspired and inflamed with passion that I just have to get parts of this story out of me. Here is a short excerpt (sneak peek!) I hope it’s clear what’s happening, but then again it is a little peek so it should be a surprise/a mystery. I may even attempt publishing it when I’m done, so I probably won’t be posting large parts of it online.  We’ll see what happens!


The moment the box touched the ground, the air erupted with shards of glimmering black glass and Luna moths. They emerged out of the air, swarming her face with their translucent blue-green wings. She sputtered, blinked as the creatures flew through her hair and up her skirts. They were so aggressive for such papery, moonlight fae. She let out a cry of distress as she attempted to sweep them from her garments. During this commotion, Lunan had collapsed on his chest all over the broken glass. Elyse cackled, placing her heel on his back and pressing down hard.

“Wha- it’s you! You’re the northern enchantress!” Hickory screamed, still fanning moths from her skirts. “Where is Jacob?”

“I am not your Northern Enchantress. But I am here to release a curse.”

“You already have,” Lunan tried to growl, struggling to toss her off.

“You liar! You said you would free my brother! You betrayed my family!”

Elyse laughed a haughty laugh. “Did you truly believe a black box would save your brother?”

Hickory was furious. Whatever had been released was killing the prince right in front of her eyes. “You have murdered this boy. Just as you wished,” Elyse said, kicking Lunan in the head. Hickory’s hands flew to her mouth as she gasped. “I never wished him dead! I never said I wanted to kill him!”

Lunan spat at her. “Yet you say you hate me. Is that not what hatred is? The desire to end someone?”

Hickory was trembling. The anger had destroyed her. The passion that drove her caused her to hurt in the same way she had been hurt. She stepped closer to the woman, Lunan, the ink colored glass speckling the marble. The Luna moths were collecting around him.

“Tell me-what have I done to him?” She whispered.

Elyse dropped her foot and snickered. “He is equivalent to the box now.”

“What does that mean?”

“Why don’t you ask him?”

She disappeared from the room without another word. Hickory rushed to Lunan’s side, helping him up, kneeling beside him. The moths rested gently in his hair, on the bumps of his spine, calming down suddenly. They nuzzled into him the way a baby might fold into the chest of his or her mother. They-they loved him. Who was this boy?

“Lunan-look I didn’t want to kill you, I tried so hard to get the box back and now look what I’ve done!” She cried. Tears fell but she refused to sob.

He brushed the glass off his chest, rubbing over the thin red lines they had created on his skin. He huffed. “You brought it back to me, that is all I asked. The complications were out of your control.”His voice was dull, melancholy.

“I’m so sorry…but…what have I done exactly?”

The moths fluttered their wings softly, seeming to be listening to the heartbeat of their new master. He stood up, pulling her to her feet. “Don’t cry. I should be the one that is crying…I suppose I cannot run from it any longer.”

“Please explain to me what is happening-”

“My life cycle is now linked to these creatures. As they live, I live.”

She nodded, not completely understanding. He must have sensed this. “Hickory, what do you know of the Luna moth?”

“It is the symbol of the Northern Enchantress. It is a beautiful moth, somewhat rare…They mostly come out at night, I think. They…they were there when my brother disappeared.” Her voice dropped at the last part. Lunan nodded.

“Yes, but what do you know of their life cycle?”

Oh. The realization dawned on her. It wasn’t likely that the moths lived longer than a year or two…did that mean he would die within the year?

“I…oh Lunan. Will you…you only be able to go on for…?”

“The Luna moth lives for seven days after it emerges from the chrysalis. It does not have a mouth, because it’s life is too short to waste time foraging. It’s only goal is to mate and lay eggs before it dies.”  He said it so matter of fact, she could only stare at his obvious mask.

“So you have to mate with someone?”

GOSH HICKORY that is not the point!”

She held up her hands in defense. She had to admit it was rather amusing to see the ferocious blush creeping up his neck. If it had been different circumstances, she would have embarrassed him further. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m just really shocked. Why are you linked to these moths?”

He huffed. “Why don’t you take a guess? Who do you think of when you think of these moths?”

She thought for a moment. “O-oh! Oh! Did the Northern Enchantress curse you as well?”

His voice was low. “She didn’t curse me, exactly. She contained the curse.”

It was all coming together…Everything she thought had been wrong. “Who cursed you? Was it Elyse?”

“I think I need to start from the beginning. You have so many questions it’s making my head spin.”

She flushed slightly, feeling as if she was overstepping her boundaries. “I’m sorry. I should go, I should-” She turned to leave, scrambling and almost tripping over her boot laces.

“Wait. Hickory.”

She stopped. “I-”

He held up his hand. “I’ll tell you everything, if you stay for dinner.”





4 thoughts on “excerpt from Lunan

  1. Noooo, this is SO GOOD I NEED to know what happens next! I hope you’ll post a bit more of it but since you said you want to publish it I completely understand if you don’t! (I’ll buy the book if/when it comes out!). Wishing you the best! ❤ (I can already tell I'll be getting a crush on Lunan, he's awesome! 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh gosh you just made my whole day! I was feeling doubtful of this story and my writing and you inspired me to keep writing it 🙂 I will be posting more! There’s a lot of little snippets of character building stuff on here but for the moment I have taken a break on the actual novel to really work on fleshing out the setting/outlining the plot. And oh gosh that would be amazing…publishing is far in the future but I can dream 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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