a(nother) pep talk

We love what destroys us. We dismiss what will save us. We wonder why we haven’t turned into the people we think we were meant to become. We dream of heaven but act as if we are living in hell. The sun warms the window panes, but we draw the curtains shut to fade into the dimness. The door stays open, particles of dust lingering in the hallway just as we drift through these thoughts. The door is open, yet we ramble on about feeling trapped behind it. It is not that we are stuck in this place, but we are too deep into our self absorbed mindsets to get up out of our tombs.

We are not dead, yet we lay in the ground with throbbing hearts and chapping lips. You want to change. For years, you whisper, I want to change. So why don’t you?  Instead of thinking so much about it, do it. Thinking is a dangerous, reckless syrup that will either cure your illness or cripple you further. To quote Nike, “Just do It.” You want to be incredible? BE incredible. Do not stress over your inadequacy. You want love? You must give in order to receive. In every situation, you must give to get. So give. Stop expecting to get, stop expecting to grow without the stress that comes with your searching roots; Those roots that crawl through dirt, pushing, breaking through ground to emerge and extend into sunlight. The seed does not sit in eternity, overthinking. Crying about how hard it will be to open up into soil. So why do you? Go on. Pull open the curtains. Walk through that door. Release your roots and push out of this dirt.


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