fading trees

written on the way to see the star wars film, 12/29.


twigs and branches sprawl out like veins

vary in shades of mushroom and beige

sepia tone

against white gray sky

brown orange ground

bushes and branches leafless

look like wads of tangled hair,

woodsy tumbleweeds.

straight thin trunks extend

high and threadlike.

around them shorter trees blossom

in the palest shade of orange-

acres of this,

layers of these misty old trees

go back farther

than the eye can see

until all there is left

are peachy brown silhouettes

grim and colorless trunks

get smaller and smaller

the deeper the layer

the heavier the mist.

they go on and on

framing the rolling roads.

the forests stray straight

the cars keep pace

but they do not disturb it.

it is here but somehow on the outside

cut off from spouting machines,

is a sacred border of mist.



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