Some more concept designs for Claus and Rebecca. They haven’t even been written into the actual novel yet, they really only appear in my character development/warmup pieces. Rebecca is described as having curly, white-blonde hair in all of the drabbles I’ve written so far. I don’t really have a good marker for that color, so I’ve been drawing her with this kind of golden brown color that I actually may like better. So I may rewrite her hair color.



3 thoughts on “Concepts

    1. Yeah! It’s always so interesting to see how people will interpret my characters. I’m not sure how much they resemble how I wrote them but my art style is very different from my imagination when writing.

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      1. Hm, maybe I imagined them differently only because I haven’t read an excerpt where they’re physically described? I kinda just imagined them the way the Clauses and Rebeccas I know look like


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