AHh you have to listen to Aurora Aksnes. Her music is simply divine and she is such a doll. Her movements are very strange and she has this soft, otherworldly aura to her.

She apparently also lures and collects moths. I feel like I can identify so much with her personality and her work…I feel like I’m looking at a much more talented, much prettier Norwegian version of myself. It kind of inspires me to write songs and makes me want to perform…if only I was gifted physically. I’d love to be able to tell a story with dance and movements. I’ve always been pretty clumsy though and not delicate or graceful in any way. Either way, she’s starting this kind of artistic awakening in me and once again I feel this strong hunger to create beautiful things and expand my rich inner world.

I’ve been listening to her while I write and draw and it’s great inspiration.





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