perfectly dreamy

How perfectly dreamy you are.

gentle lashes flutter past,

awakening moths with every blink

nervous fingers latch at your waist

gentle calves, bony ankles

short fingernails

impish smile

sweet denial.

lovely boy

dirty heart.

shy moth eyes

drift away

whenever I have

anything to say.

darling boy

you aren’t for me

i know this now

please let me be.

too erratic

hopelessly romantic

it’s better to love for what you are

then what I always thought you were.

please take your soft heart

and toss it away from me

for I will easily get attached

to every inch of serenity.

your trembling heart

begs me to love it

please leave me alone

torment some other soul

leave my dreamland

shed your skin

or whatever beautiful part of you

so frequently draws me in

go be enchanting somewhere else

i have no desire to be taken under a spell

i am already drunk on dreams

don’t add to my fantasy.




2 thoughts on “perfectly dreamy

  1. Wow! I thought things along those lines only a few months ago! Very understandable feeling, yet aren’t boys like the one you mention so impossibly hard to resist? Hope you don’t get hurt, dear. If anything happens, it’ll be wonderful, but if you already know he would hurt you (or the separation would hurt you) then be even more careful! Hope you’re well and that things go your way!

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    1. Sorry to reply so late! But yes, these boys are my weakness as you can probably see ah ha. I think right now I’m meant to focus on myself though and not get caught up in his mesmerizing mind. But thank you! ❤

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