Tell me who you were
Before your put on your beautiful skin
Before your limbs were long sinews
Before your eyelids blossomed with lash
Tell me who you were
When no one wanted you
When you waited for someone like you
When you dreamed of such a life
And you were blessed with such a heart
What happened to that geode
That crystalline splendor I found
When they broke you apart
What happened to those tender shards of jewel
Crawling beneath your ribcage?
You may say you grew up
You matured
But your bones shifted in youth
They grew unevenly
Off course.
Yes, yes you have grown
But in what direction?
Nowadays you spurt lies
In a meaningless rhythm
Hoping desperately
To gain someone’s approval
You think that now you are beautiful
Because you have outgrown your childish face
But you have also outgrown
That innocent heart
Sometimes i’ll look at you
Catch your eyes
You’ll look away
Because i remind you of what you were
And what you could have been.
Look at you, frail heart
With your cold hearted sass
You hurt me
Each breath
Each hurl of words
Sends bristles to my chest.
You were good
And i liked you
As a human being.
I wish
For one day
I could pull you aside
To say
Tell me who you were
Tell me who you’ve become.


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