Gabriel and Kalare dump


Warning- super casual not very profound or polished ramble ahead-

More Mothling as always. What else would you expect from me. These are some illustrations of Kalare and Gabriel along with a nice veiny arm. I tend to go back and forth with Kalare’s hair when I draw her. Sometimes it’s super long, sometimes it’s only kind of long, sometimes it’s red, sometimes it’s brown, sometimes it’s blond. In the draft it says she has strawberry blonde hair, but at one point Gabriel tells Allegra it’s brownish with bits of blond? Maybe it’s just a mesh of everything. Use your imagination. But I am going to have to decide on a definite color sometime. Just not tonight. Anyways. I think these are the two characters from my novel that I draw the most. It used to be Beau but he’s been pushed to the side for a while. Maybe tomorrow I’ll show him some love and sketch him again. I still have to sketch Elijah at some point, and of course the new gang, Colin and Samantha.

I’m kind of at that beginning-of-the-middle point of the novel where I’m starting to feel “this sucks I should scrap it and start fresh” but I’m also sort of feeling “look how far I’ve come! How dare I throw this away! Finish something once in your life you flaky bum!”

But anyhow. I still write a lot about it in my notebook it just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so I haven’t typed it up yet. The stuff I have typed up still needs some altering to fit with the new stuff I’ve written. Writing is so exhilarating but  so much work and so much checking and double checking. So much work.

I also haven’t fleshed out a lot of the characters I’m introducing. Like Maal. Right now he’s just (SPOILER) this super evil yet distant Mothling guy who killed Beau’s mother and supposedly disappeared from prison and phased over to Lepidoria to regain the throne. But idk how I’m going to make any of it make sense. I think I need a new plot for him. It’s all far fetched and doesn’t have a logical place in the story. He’s such a mess of vague evilness.

The whole Lepidorian society and government is super work in progress. I’m so bad at that kind of stuff. It’s pretty fun to try out though. I’m learning as I go along. That’s the annoying yet exciting part of writing. As you do it, you discover more about your strengths and weaknesses.


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