A dump with more comments than usual

Gosh. I have  this physical ache to read some good literature but I can’t find anything well written and inspiring! I’m so picky and I want something innovative and unique that surprises me while also satisfying my thirst for elegant prose. Please suggest something whimsical or profound that can get me out of this horrible readers block. I crave books.

Anyways. Here’s some art I haven’t uploaded yet. Enjoy this super mori boy rendition of Colin from Mothling. Wingless of course. Still haven’t pinned down a good moth species for him yet.




A little bed design I did. I think it’s cute.


Gabriel! In watercolor.


Elijah Snapdragon! Also watercolor.  Colin and Elijah are going to be serious bros later in the novel.


A little outfit I designed. I’ve been doing a lot of fashion design lately.


Another outfit.


Ice skating because it’s beautiful.


And  a very light drawn and lightly painted sunflower boy.


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