Massage Therapist

Condensed from my sestina excercise. I memorized this and performed it in an open mic show for my poetry class, so that was exciting. It was packed! The only reason I wasn’t terrified is because the spotlight was so bright I couldn’t really see the audience while I was speaking.


She plows molehills out from under my shoulder blades
Plucks daisies from my ribcage
She kneads her hands into my back
‘You’re so tense,
So uptight!
Let me cut back the grass!’
I sink back into the seat
To let her beat back
The stalactites dripping from my armpits
This hurts a little more
Because they’ve already crystallized in my pores
My spine is a harp string
Echoing a fractured melody
Through my ribcage
Plants come up in heaps
With roots the size of snakes
Slumber in moldy turquoise lakes
My skin is a teeming landscape
Rich with all my grave mistakes
And unresolved heartache


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