Doesn’t it hurt?

More in the morning or more at night?

How often will you mock me

You know you are different from me

But you don’t care to love anything too different from you

You will say it’s my fault

For being so strange

I’ll say it’s yours

For being so vain

Either way

Your tongue can’t be tamed


Where did you come from

And what do you mean?

I was born in the frost

kept in an isolation chamber for a week

For the first week of my life

No one held me

Coming into the real world almost killed me

So I guess that explains things


As a kid

I was the same as I am now

Only different

I always had to be different


I was tutus and dancing in the living room for hours

I was writing novels with glitter glue under the covers

Up all night every night

Playing barbies on the carpet

Building houses in the spaces between the drawers

My sister fell asleep on my bunk bed

Before we were ever finished playing

Two little bodies pressed together

Dreaming under the glow in the dark stars

We made worlds

With dolls and pillows

And late night whispers

She says she doesn’t want to dwell on the past

So ewe don’t talk about these things anymore


With age, growth

With time, decay

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

I can’t dream it away


For all the souls I’ve grown cold to

For all the people I’ve never known too

For me and my stupid head

For all the things I never said

For love I never told

For this heart that refuses to grow old


I have been here so long

I’ve heard many secrets

And seen many people

My father tells me that there are two kinds of people

Talkers and listeners

Every talker needs a listener

So people like us

We’re good for something


I’m sorry that it’s pretend

That I’m dreadfully human

And not as sweet as I speak

Jittery from too much tea

Poised to breath

Songs and dreams

It’s too much to bear

The hearts here

I know how he feels now

It hurts, doesn’t it?


I’ll take it with a swathe of dream dust

A pouch of iridescent powder

It won’t make me feel any better

I miss you already


Routine is essential

But chaos is creative

Disorder is human nature


It doesn’t feel right here


I’m kind

But I’m not blind

And I’m done letting it pass by


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