Fairy dust excerpt

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“Who? Me?” Elijah turned around suddenly.

“No not you you weirdo. Gabriel.”

“Aren’t they always?” Gabriel sighed. “About dream traveling?”

She nodded. “Your dad says you should practice taking us over now.”

“Okay I’m not tired now though.”

Elijah jumped up. “To Lepidoria?

“Sit down! We’re not going now!” Phillis yelled.

“I was just there. I have to be really tired for it to work,” Gabriel said.

“You know, if you wanna get tired, we could race.”

“You could not,” Phillis said.

“You can be our lookout. If you see someone coming, throw a rock at them.” Elijah laughed.


“Okay then we should just go to Lepidoria. Like now. Lemme go get the dust.” Elijah leaped from the couch and scrambled down the hall and up the stairs. Phillis shook her head. “That boy.” Gabriel laughed out loud, causing Phillis to grin. “You two always crack me up,” he said.

“Yeah yeah. He’s a pain in the butt.”

Elijah pranced back into the room, holding a full jar of fairy dust. He struggled to get the lid off, making very dramatic sounds and movements as he twisted it with no success. Phillis grabbed it from him. She couldn’t open it either. “Gabriel?”

He took it, sliding the lid off with ease. “Show off,” Elijah grumbled. He grabbed the jar straight from Gabriel’s hands and then proceeded to dump it on him and his sister.

“Elijah!” Phillis screeched. “What is mom going to say? That’s a whole jar of fairy dust, you know what it takes to get one of those?”

There was glitter in Gabriel’s eyelashes, in his nostrils, giving the room a frosty iridescent sheen. Everything was swimming. He blinked and Phillis sneezed. It powdered her afro like sugar.

“It’s in my ears!’ She howled.

“Okay,” Elijah said calmly. “Now try and go to sleep.”

“What!” She yelled.

“Just listen. It’s magic right? So both of you close your eyes and then try to focus on dream traveling.”

“We don’t even have our wings right now,” Phillis whined.

A monarch and a Luna moth perched lazily on the frame of the tv. Elijah pointed to them.

“So put them on. And try to sleep. C’mon. You want to find Miss Wistfaun right? And Gabriel wants to learn to take us all over?”

Phillis and Gabriel nodded.

“So do it then.”

They summoned their moths and closed their eyes. Gabriel inhaled, breathing in a sprinkling of dust. He felt waves wash over him, tingling in his abdomen, and then…

He opened his eyes to see the Creskince cottage sitting before him.


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