Phillis + Gabriel + Excerpt

Kiera couldn’t pick her up that day so she took the bus home with him. It was crowded, so they stood shoulder to shoulder and clung to the metal bars to keep their balance. There seemed to be an almost electric sort of happiness running through her. They stood in a mass of grumpy people for thirty minutes and all she could do was grin and bump his shoulder and whisper something about all the fairies she would meet. He nodded now and again, letting his book bag hang loose over his right shoulder. She was chatty and upbeat, but his parents still overwhelmed his thoughts. His mother lost in another land, his father losing himself in his own home. He thought about his own mission, and the secrets that kept him from understanding who he was and where he came from.


Phillis looked at him with her deep eyes. He was so into his thoughts that he didn’t notice until she tugged his sleeve and pulled the cord to request the next stop. She took his sleeve and pushed her way through the crowd towards the back door. They got off and walked down the sidewalk. She let go.

“You good?” she asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just thinking.”

They got bubble tea from a painted food truck and then spent the afternoon walking around the city in their uniforms. He was tired and jittery but her smile put him at ease. They walked back towards her house where they found Elijah sunbathing in the grass. It was sunny and shifting to an evening breed of sunlight, but the weather grew crisp and bit at their fingertips.

Phillis swung open the gate and dropped her bookbag next to her brotherś head. She leaned down to look at him.

¨What are you doing, weirdo?¨

He fluttered his eyes lazily. The sparse tendrils of the willow tree danced around him idly. He grinned a crooked grin.

¨Waiting for you losers. Are we going to Lepidoria or what?¨ He sat up, brushing the dead grass off his kneecaps.


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