I love to write, and novel writing is a very therapeutic act for me. I love creating worlds in google drive documents and empty notebooks. I love how really all you need is an active mind and a pair of fingers to write it out.

Here is a list of novels/novellas I’ve written or at least started to write, throughout the years. (Starting from middle school to the present)

I didn’t list the smaller projects that I sort of started and gave up after only writing a few pages.

Ruby my Pet Dragon

A war is coming to Claire’s world- she must harness the power of a baby dragon in order to stay alive.

Human Spy

The story of a fairy named Lilac Snapdragon who is suspicious of a strange new girl in her little world.

Lilac Snapdragon and the People of Cave Curri

In the sequel to Human spy, Lilac get’s stranded on a fieldtrip to a strand of isles where she discovers the Caves of Curri. Here she finds her true origins and also has the task of setting these cave dwellers free from their enslavement.

The Fountain of DerWer

Madison finds herself in a miserable school with evil grumpy teachers and hideous uniforms after she moves into the suburbs. One day she stumbles upon a beautiful fountain in the town square that is actually a portal to DerWer. Here she escapes her horrible life, until the fountain is arranged to be torn down.


Talia is placed into the foster home of the Cunnings family, where she meets obnoxious wannabe Cindy Cunnings. She goes through isolation as she begins to question her humanity and her powers start to enact- Talia is not of this world. Through a series of climatic events, both Cindy and Talia travel through a portal to Plaq’un. The battle rages on in this dimension where all color and life has been sucked away.

Read the millionth (more like 3rd) draft of this story here.

Kisses and Caves

A girl ventures up into the mountains in search of a mythical beast and finds a boy living in a cave with a wolf instead.

Beauty and the Stutter

Two dysfunctional, problematic teens fall in love  in this dramatic romance.

The Owling

A loner discovers her ability to transform into an owl, and is swept up by others like her in the epic battle to destroy three evil bird queens.

Child of Lightning

A freak accident kills a young girl, though little do her friends know she is far from dead.


A  poor girl who grew up in the poorest part of the city discovers she is actually part plant.

Hungry Sprite

An addict copes with her withdrawal in an odd fantasy land.


A boy with an irrational fear must face the beach with a group of quirky teenagers. Filled with lots of ramen noodles and crazy children.

(Also written in screenplay form)


The story of  truth and destiny  told from the perspective of three very different characters. It’s an epic fantasy of sorts, mainly focusing on the relationships between the elves and the fauns.


The real story behind Atlantis, filled with Whale riders and blue skinned girls.


A chubby, voracious (almost) princess gets sent away to boarding school to try and tame her unpredictable powers. (Also in screenplay form!)


A peasant girl tracks down an ancient artifact to get revenge on the witch who imprisoned her brother. The only problem is, she has to still it from the prince, a spoiled brat who she hates. She accidently sets a curse free on him, and has no choice other than to befriend him in an attempt to free her brother.


A dreamer discovers his parents are Mothlings, fairylike creatures who live in another dimension called Lepidoria. He is one of the only one of his kind who can dream travel over there, so it becomes his mission to go over there when an evil force kidnaps his mother in the night. Here he finds out shocking secrets about his parents, and the war happening around them.



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